Student Apparel

Tassels and hoods

Candidates for degrees wear tassels in colors that indicate the schools from which they are graduating. In addition, master’s and doctoral students wear hoods in colors that match their tassels. Those who have not yet received a degree wear their tassels on the right of their caps, moving them to the left upon the conferral of their degrees.

Doctoral hooding instructions

  • During robing and lineup, you will receive one blank name card to fill out. Please fill out the card with your name. The announcer will use your card to introduce you during the ceremony. If you think the announcer might have difficulty pronouncing your name, please include phonetic spellings.
  • During the processional, drape your hood over your left arm and carry your name card in your right hand. You will climb several steps to the stage. Please contact us if you have any difficulty climbing stairs.
  • When it is your turn, give your name card to the announcer and cross the stage. You will shake hands with the president, the chancellor, the dean of the University Graduate School, and the dean of the school in which you are completing your degree.
  • When you leave the stage, you will be hooded by your mentor or by a faculty marshal on a low platform in front of the stage. Only members of the IUPUI faculty may hood doctoral candidates. Please extend an invitation to your faculty mentor to hood you during the doctoral hooding portion of the ceremony.
  • For the hooding, please remove your cap and face away from your mentor or marshal, who will place the hood over your head.
  • Once your hooding is complete, you and your mentor may return to your seats.
  • Watch this YouTube video for more hooding tips.

Fourragères and medallions

Students who are graduating with Distinction, High Distinction, and Highest Distinction are entitled to wear fourragères: cream and crimson cords for IU graduates, black and gold for Purdue graduates. The fourragères are provided by the university as a gift to the student.

Students who are graduating with honors may wear gold medallions. The requirements for graduating with honors are different for each school, and honors are awarded by a vote of various faculty members.

Additionally, graduates who have been admitted to any of these nationally recognized honor societies may wear the appropriate cords.